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The picture above shows a few different types of dried gourds.

The Gourd Drying Process

In case you were wondering how gourds go from being like a pumpkin to having a hard shell and being perfect for craft projects...

Once harvested, gourds are kept outside on drying racks (or left in the field, but getting the gourds off the ground would be a better choice.) They sit and dry for 3-6 months or more. The colder it is, the longer the drying time required.

Be prepared, the gourds will look ugly! Mold on the drying gourds is completely natural.

Eventually the gourds are completely dry; then they are cleaned. This involves scraping off the outer layer of rough skin along with the mold. This can take quite some time and requires a tub of water, rubber gloves, and cleaning tools like knives and scrubbing pads.

Why Buy Dried Gourds?

Buying dried gourds is a great idea, because it takes so long to dry a gourd after you grow it. Most people don't have the patience required to sit and wait until the gourd is completely dry. Or they simply lose interest in their art project idea by the time the gourds are grown and dried.

Also, it is not fun to clean gourd skin or mold. Your hands will hurt from scraping all the contours of a gourd, and even worse, you might breathe in mold as you scrape it off. That's not good, especially if you are allergic.

Lastly, you know dried gourds are not rotten underneath the moldy coating. Sometimes gourds are harvested while still green, either by accident or due to impatience, and those gourds will most likely rot. (Some gourds will rot no matter how well you try to dry them out.)

It really stinks to put time and effort into growing gourds, only to have them rot instead of dry properly! But it can happen. So I still prefer to buy pre-cleaned, dried gourds, even if I am also growing some in the garden.

Where to Buy Dried Gourds:

You can buy just about every variety of dried gourd online.

I recommend buying from Martha's Gourds. She offers a selection of whole dried gourds.


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