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The picture above shows a single dipper gourd with a long stem.

What Is a Dipper Gourd?

A dipper gourd is a type of gourd that is traditionally used to dip into water. You can use a dipper gourd to dole out water from a well into a gourd canteen. There are long-handled dippers and short-handled dipper gourds.

Things to Do With a Dipper Gourd

You could make a water dipper or ladle if you want. But most likely you will admire the cool shapes and try something else.

When growing long handled dippers, you can actually twist the handle into knots and other interesting shapes. If you do a good job at that, you already have an art project right there!

Short handled gourds are perfect for rattles and Maracas, as mentioned on the gourd instruments page. They are sometimes even big enough to make into a birdhouse!

Short handled gourds can also be painted into people and animals. For example, paint a cat, and then the handle can be the cat's tail. Some are naturally shaped to look like penguins. You could even paint Santa Claus on a dipper.

Where to Buy Dried Dipper Gourds:

You can buy dried dipper gourds online.

Martha's Gourds sells dipper gourds that are dried and ready to craft. You have to look through the "whole gourds" page to find the dippers.


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