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birdhouse gourd

The picture above shows a birdhouse gourd, before it is cut and drilled for birds to live in.

What Is a Birdhouse Gourd?

"Birdhouse gourd" is a generic term that can refer to many different types of gourds. A birdhouse gourd can be one of many varieties of gourds which happens to grow into a great shape for birds to live in. Most any gourd shape allowing sufficient space for a bird's nest will work fine.

A "birdhouse" gourd might actually be a bottle gourd, dipper gourd, or kettle gourd. They offer plenty of room inside, a nice top for hanging, a flat bottom for nesting, and nothing that gets in the way.

Sizes vary, although most birdhouse gourds grow to a size that will accomadate plenty of birds.

Things to Do With a Birdhouse Gourd

There is one obvious thing to do here - make it into a birdhouse. It could be an outdoor bird house or an indoor birdhouse for decorative purposes.

For an outdoor bird house, you need to cut the opening hole to the right size for the intended bird (larger bird means larger gourd and larger opening,) drill drain holes, install a hanging wire, and protect the outside. Since the gourd will be exposed to harsh weather, it should be painted with outdoor paint and sealer, then resealed every year. In lieu of paint, you can use paste shoe wax to seal and protect the gourd shell.

You can also make the gourd into a decorate birdhouse to be displayed inside. If you paint a decorative pattern, you may wish to keep it inside to preserve its beauty.

Hanging and Caring For the Birdhouse and Birds

First off, hang the gourd on a tree branch, away from the tree trunk. It only takes a light wind to blow the gourd around, and it could smack into the tree trunk, eventually resulting in a cracked gourd. (Quick tip: Put stones in the bottom of the birdhouse to add weight and make it more stable.)

If you want to attract Purple Martins (gourds are known for being well-suited for purple martin houses,) hang many gourds close to each other. These birds like to nest in groups.

Take the house inside during the winter when it is not in use. Use a long screwdriver or stiff wire to clean out the old nest, readying it for the next bird family. You should also take this opportunity to put a fresh layer of wax on the outside.

Bird Feeders

The types of gourds that make good birdhouses also make good birdfeeders. For a birdfeeder, make multiple, larger holes (usually two large holes.)

You can put seed or suet in the gourd and it gives you some wintertime fun if you enjoy birdwatching.

Where to Buy Dried Birdhouse Gourds:

You can buy clean and dried birdhouse gourds online.

Martha's Gourds sells "birdhouse" gourds of various sizes, ready for you to turn into a bird house. She also has gourd birdhouses of various sizes, and they have holes cut and drilled already.


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