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birdhouse gourd

Birdhouse Gourds

Birdhouse gourds are a specific type of gourd that grow into the perfect shape to be made into a birdhouse. Sizes vary.

gourd vase

Gourd Vase

These ready to craft gourd projects consist of gourds made into vases. Paint and decorate them yourself for a unique art project at home.

gourd bowl

Gourd Bowl

These bowls are made from large gourds with the top cut off. Another ready to craft gourd, the bowls make a good canvas for your artwork.

canteen gourd

Canteen Gourds

Canteen gourds are shaped like a canteen. Good for crafting gourd bowls, purses, and musical instruments.

dried gourds pile

Dried Gourds

A collection of gourds that have been dried and cleaned. A blank canvas for your projects. Sizes and styles vary.

dipper gourd

Dipper Gourds

These uniquely shaped gourds are traditionally used for dipping water. But they can be grown into unique shapes and used for a variety of art projects.

gourd instrument

Gourd Instruments

Certain gourds have unique shapes and lend themselves to be used to construct musical instruments such as banjos and mandolins.

gourd bank

Gourd Bank

A gourd can be turned into a piggy bank. It just needs a coin slot and a stopper on the bottom to get the change out.

gourd seeds plants

Gourd Seeds

Want to grow your own gourds? Start with some gourd seeds. Here is where you can buy a variety of gourd seeds.


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